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MSMP exists to create the best environment in which to care for patients.


MSMP is a professional society that serves the needs of member physicians, with primary concentration on adding value both to members’ professional and non-professional lives. We continually strive to make the Society an invaluable resource and social focal point for members.


SERVICE Treat our members as we want to be treated.

Our most basic core value is to treat others as we want to be treated.  Whether a member, a business partner, a Group practice, an employee, or whomever, we believe in putting the needs of others ahead of our own needs.

FLEXIBILITY Be flexible to meet the needs of members.

Flexibility is described as conformable, changeable, and versatile.  We take great pride in seeking to meet the needs of physicians on their conditions.  We maximize our efforts to change to conform to the needs of our members.

TRANSPARENCY Tell people what we expect and what they can expect of us.

Promises are easily made and more easily broken.  We believe that people are entitled to know what they can expect from us and what we need from them.  We will deliver what we promise.

INTEGRITY Be totally honest, even if it costs something.

Integrity is defined as firm adherence to a code of moral values.  Honesty and honor are much involved.  If we make a commitment, we will honor it.  People must believe we are honest and honorable.

PARTNERSHIPS Use suppliers who will be a part of our team.

The choice of suppliers and business partners is extremely important to us.  We choose those with values comparable to our own.  We will treat them as valuable members of our team and rely on them to work with us as one with us.


History of the Multnomah County Medical Society.

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