The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-Being

Mayo Clinic: Medical Licensure Questions and Physician Reluctance to Seek Care for Mental Health Conditions

Breaking a Culture of Silence: The Role of State Medical Boards

Charter on Professionalism for Health Care Organizations

Female Docs Afraid to Admit Seeking Mental Health Care

Doctors Are Human, Too

Climate Change a Disaster for Mental Health, Experts Warn

What Comes First, Job Burnout or Secondary Traumatic Stress?


117 Ways Doctors and Healthcare Organizations can Lower Stress and Prevent Burnout

Nearly 90% of physicians feel stressed every day, report says

Stress Basics


Doctor Depression, Suicide Slowly Coming Out of Shadows

Physician and Medical Student Depression and Suicide Prevention

Silence Is the Enemy for Doctors Who Have Depression


Burnout May be Costing Your Institute Millions Each Year

How to Recognize Burnout Before You're Burned Out

Using a Single Item to Measure Burnout in Primary Cary Staff:
A Psychometric Evaluation

Workplace Factors Contribute to Burnout in Family Physicians

Controlled Interventions to Reduce Burnout in Physicians

Organization-Level Interventions Best for Reducing Physician Burnout

Minnesota Hospital Ramps up Efforts to Battle Physician Burnout

4 Ways Hospitals Tackle Physician Burnout

Changes in Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance in Physicians

A Double-edged Sword:  What Makes Doctors Great also Drives Burnout

Work-life Balance Out of Whack for Many Doctors

Disturbing Trends in Physician Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance

Preventing Stress and Burnout for Physicians and PAs

How to Beat Burnout - 7 Signs Physicians Should Know

Effective Leadership - One Remedy for Physician Burnout

Physician Burnout Rates Top 50 Percent 

Physician Burnout - 3 Signs and 3 Simple Prevention Steps

5 Steps to Prevent or Mitigate Physician Burnout

How to help medical practice staff avoid burnout

Easing Doctor Burnout with Mindfulness

Physician Burnout: A potential threat to successful health care reform

Burnout increasing among U.S. doctors

Study: Doctor Burnout May Increase Effect of Biases on Care

Reduction in burnout may be a benefit for short-term medical mission volunteers


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome:
A Randomized Controlled Trial

Resilience Definitions, Theory and Challenges

How Does Social Support Enhance Resilience in the Trauma-Exposed Individual?

Resilience: An Update

Insights on Residency Training - What is Resilience?


Teaching Doctors to be Mindful

How Mindfulness Can Make for Better Doctors

A Multi-center Study of Physician Mindfulness and Health Care Quality

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