Astra Practice Partners brings 30 years of industry experience that provides dedicated Human Resources professionals and employee solutions for medical practices.  In partnership with the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland, Astra Human Resources would like the opportunity to be your HR partner with employment-related responsibilities.  This partnership will allow you focus less on employee functions and more on your practice and your patients.

MSMP Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • $2500 Initial Fee Waived
    • Each new partner will be entitled to waive the account set up fee
  • Admin Fee Waived for the Reserve Account
    • The admin fee is waived for the initial reserve account payment
  • Employee Assistance Program at No Cost to you
    • Employees have access to and extended network of health and social professionals to aid in work-life-balance activities, financial counseling and stress management
  • Employment Posters provided at No Cost
    • Astra HR will provide each work location with the required local, State and Federal employment posters
  • Access to HR professionals and advice
    • HR professionals can assist you with your HR questions and needs
  • Unlimited Assistance Managing Employees
    • The cap amount of managing employee hours is waived for MSMP members
  • Partner with Unemployment and legal claims
    • Astra HR takes on the responsibility to first respond to the unemployment and other legal claims

For more information, contact Karen Wilson at 503-417-3190 or

Please mention that you are an MSMP member, so you don’t miss out on these
exclusive member benefits – 
only available to MSMP members!

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