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AMA Steps Forward Initiative

CME Credits: 0.5

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently released 
 information on their new STEPS Forward initiative to help physicians prevent burnout.

The problem of burnout and caregiver fatigue among physicians is real and immediate.  Research shows that the rates of overall burnout extend to about 40% of physicians in the United States, which is more than 10% higher than the general population.  In response, the AMA has created an ambitious program aimed at successfully preventing burnout and promoting well-being for medical professionals.

The most important patient we have to take care of is the one in the mirror."
~Robert Wah, MD

The STEPS Forward online series helps physicians learn their risk factors for burnout and adopt real-life strategies to reignite professional fulfillment and resilience.

  • The first module, Improving Physician Resiliency, offers an internal approach to help physicians managed personal and professional stress. Physicians who are resilient are better equipped to manage the stress of relentless change in medical practice and less likely to experience burnout. The module provides simple, evidence-based solutions to help physicians foster resilience against stress and protect against burnout.
  • The second module, Preventing Physician Burnout, offers an external approach to help physicians make practice-level changes to improve workflow and reduce barriers to patient care. Increasing physician involvement in efforts to improve their practice environment results in better patient satisfaction, quality outcomes, and overall practice morale and productivity. The module provides assessment tools and targeted intervention strategies that reduce sources of stress and support professional well-being.
Both training sessions, as well as more than 20 others, are available in the STEPS Forward series created by the AMA.

"Burnout makes it nearly impossible for individuals to provide compassionate care for their patients."
~Steve Lockman, MD

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