The Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland Coaching Program has vetted professional coaches who work with providers on how to manage life's personal and professional difficulties that lead to burnout. 

The Program offers resources for coaching services that are tailored to physicians' needs: appointments hours are flexible with physicians' schedules in mind and discounts offered to members of MSMP. Coaches are experienced in coaching physicians and are able to meet in a location that fits the physicians' needs.

    Counseling vs Coaching

    MSMP offers both private counseling and coaching services. To help determine which service best suites your needs, below is an outline summarizing the basic differences between each program.


    • Goals: The goal of our psychologists is to help you address and resolve problems relating to interpersonal health (such as anxiety, depression, relational stressors, addictions, etc.)

    • Approach: A psychologist's approach is more retrospective with the intent of helping guide you to find your own answers rather than giving advice.

    • Method: A psychologist will encourage awareness of past issues to help promote present wellness.


    • Goals: To help you articulate a vision that inspires and challenges you. Supports you in developing strategies of communication and interaction that promotes confidence and leadership.

    • Approach: A coach's approach is that of a trusted partner whose primary goal is to support your idea of future success. To challenge your current thinking, hold a higher vision than your own and is able to see a perspective or opportunity that you cannot. Coaching is an exercise in honesty, trust and the understanding that you are capable of more than you believe possible.

    • Method: Through an objective eye, the coach will challenge your perspective and stress forward thinking, strategy and empathy. Focusing on the development of communication tools and leadership to drive lasting results and more rewarding relationships.

    Getting Started

    MSMP has taken the necessary steps and time to thoroughly vet our team of coaches to provide you with all the necessary information to choose the professional that best fits your needs. 

    • Visit Meet our Psychologists and Coaches to view the detailed profiles, including background, education and experience for each psychologist and coach
    • To schedule a coaching appointment, please call the coach directly and mention your membership with MSMP to receive a discount.

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