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We are building an endowment to operate this vital program in perpetuity. Your contribution to MSMP’s charitable 501(c)(3) Metropolitan Medical Foundation of Oregon is tax-deductible, but we believe that the real benefit lies in the deep, long-lasting satisfaction of knowing you have invested in the health and well-being of your colleagues.  Read more here.

    Thank you to our generous donors and partners supporting the
    Physician Wellness Program

    Portland IPA

    $30,000 - $49,999

    OHSU Foundation

      under the direction of Donald Girard, MD

    The Portland Clinic Foundation

    Women's Healthcare Associates, LLC

    $10,000 - $29,999

    The Oregon Clinic

    $5,000 - $9,999
    Ater Wynne Attorneys at Law
    Hart Wagner Trial Attorneys
    Metropolitan Medical Foundation of Oregon
    Oregon Anesthesiology Group, PC

    Bradley Bryan, MD, MBA

    George Caspar, MD

    Mary McCarthy, MD and John Holloway

    $2,500 - $4,999
    Brenda Kehoe, MD

    $1,000 - $2,499

    The Portland IPA

    The Doctors Company

    Northwest Newborn Specialists, PC

    Physicians Answering Service

    Diana Bell, MD

    Atul Deodhar, MD
    John Kendall, MD
    Walter Krieger, MD and Cathy Krieger
    Jack Kron, MD and Ruth Whitham
    Mary Moffit, PhD

    Philip Parshley, MD and Barbara Parshley

    Gordon Stoney, MD

    Steve Urman, MD

    Thomas Welch, MD

    $500- $999
    The Portland Clinic
    Candice Barr and Judge Darryl Larson

    Susan Denman, MD
    Marcia Dunham, MD

    Greg Esmer, DO
    John Evans, III, MD, FACP and Maryam Evans
    Mariko Ferronato, MD and Douglas York, MD

    Samuel Metz, MD

    Duncan Neilson, MD

    Lydia Villegas, MD
    R. Bastian, MD and Barbara Wagner, MD
    George Waldmann, MD

    To $499


    Medical Staff of Mid-Columbia Medical Center

      (in honor of Paula Lee, MD and Kerry Proctor, MD)

    Allison Abraham, MD

    Richard Allen, MD
    James Asaph, MD

    Teresa Bair, DO

    Robert Bentley, MD

    Bertram Berney, MD
    James Biemer, MD
    Amanda Borges
    Tammily Carpenter, MD

      (in memory of Dan DeMerell, MD)
    Eric Chang, MD

    Dick Clark (in honor of Amanda Borges)

    Nancy Cloak, MD
    Maurice Comeau, MD
    Mohamud Daya, MD
    John Deeney, MD
    Robert Dreisin, MD
    Holly Easton, DO
    Karen Elliott, JD
    Ronald Fraback, MD
    Lynn Friedman, MD
    Carmen Gaston
    Devin Gattey, MD 
    Donald Girard, MD
    Laura Greenberg, MD
    Irvin Handelman, MD
    Merrill Harris, MD
    James Hicks, MD
    John Holland, MD and Jacqueline Holland
    Bill Honeycutt
    Marcus Horenstein, MD
    Linda Humphrey, MD

    Anna Jimenez, MD
    Amy Kerfoot, MD
    Abigail May Khan, MD
    Denny Le, DPM
    John Lingas, MD
    Grant Lindquist, MD
    Shawn Macalester, MD
    Tiffany McClean, DNP, PMHNP
    Louis McCraw, MD
    John McDonald, MD

    Miranda McCormack, MD
    Sharon Meieran, MD
    Joseph Meurer, MD

    Brian Mitchell, MD

    JoAnne Nelson, MD

    Raymond North, MD and Carol North

    Adam Obley, MD

    Frank Palmrose, MD

    Kenneth Paltrow, MD
    Marianne Parshley, MD
    James Peck, MD
    Linda Pope
    Paul Puziss, MD
    Richard Sandell, MD
    Anushka Shenoy, MS
    David Shute, MD
    Bhawar Singh, MD
    Robert Skinner, MD
    Thomas Stason, DO
    Kenneth Stevens, Jr., MD

    Deena Stradley (in memory of Rob Delf, Jr.)

    Kimberly Suriano, MD

    Jimmy Unger, MD (in honor of Olof Sohlberg, MD)
    Michael Van Allen, MD

    David Wagner, MD (in memory of Patricia Wagner, MD)
    Lara Williams, MD
    Reed Wilson, MD
    Ati Yates, MD

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