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Medical Society of Metropolitan has engaged the services of the following psychologists and coaches who have been vetted for their ability and experience to work with physicians and healthcare providers.

Please contact the Confidential Wellness Line at (503) 764-5663 to schedule an appointment.


Healthcare Coaches

Beth Westbrook, PsyD

For nearly 30 years, Beth has worked with and counseled health professionals, understanding that they carry a high degree of stress in both their professional and personal lives.  She values their privacy and strives to maintain confidentiality in a respectful environment.

Her experience includes clinical treatment, dance therapy, and private practice.  She has maintained professional relationships through organizational work, board positions, supervision of students and consultations.  Beth currently works in private practice, serves as a governor appointee to The Health Evidence Review Commission (State of Oregon), consults for the Physician Wellness Program (Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland) and The Health Professionals Service Program (Oregon).

Beth's practice is located in Northwest Portland. 

Read more about Beth and her professional experience.

Mary Moffit, PhD

For over 20 years, Mary has provided coaching and counseling services to health care professionals. She has specialized in supporting and treating physicians, and improving access to preventive health care in a private and confidential setting. Her efforts are focused on increasing wellness, preventing burnout and treating depression, anxiety and other concerns associated with personal or occupational stressors.

She has been actively involved in developing innovative and effective interventions focused on physician health, has developed and is the director of the OHSU Resident and Faculty Wellness and the Peer Support Programs, and has a private practice treating health professionals.  She has consulted with multiple regional medical societies and has presented on physician wellness in OMA and TFME conferences. In addition, she has served on the Executive Committee for the Oregon Wellness Program, with the goal of developing a state-wide program that will provide psychological and psychiatric care to all physicians in Oregon.  

Mary’s practice in located in Lake Oswego.

Read more about Mary and her professional experience.

Dan Rubin, PsyD

Dan is a clinical psychologist with a specialization in physician wellness and mindfulness-base interventions. 

He was a founding member and teacher for Mindful Medicine, a Portland-based non-profit that offers evidenced-based mindfulness and compassion training to physicians and other health care professionals. Dan ran a physician support and consolation group for 6 years, and has given workshops on physician wellness for groups including Kaiser Permanente, Oregon Health & Science University, Providence St. Vincent, Group Health and The Foundation for Medical Excellence. 

Dan comes from a family of physicians and foodies, enjoys reading science fiction, painting, writing and hanging out with his wife and twin children. 

Dan's practice is located in East Portland.

Read more about Dan and his professional experience.

Shandy Welch, FNP

As a child, Shandy had the unique ability to see the potential in people and situations when others had given up. She has transformed medical teams, mobilized thinking and rescued more farm animals than ever planned. Over the last 19 years she worked at Providence Health Systems in an effort to create teams and deliver clinical care that far exceeds the industry norm. She pushes limits, challenges the current thinking and encourages others to reach beyond their comfort zone. Her work as a clinician, administrator and most recently a patient, has catapulted her vision and enthusiasm for helping individuals move past their fear and see how one’s perspective is closely tied to their reality.

Shandy founded Fresh Eyes consulting with the dream of creating a platform and opportunity in which both individuals and groups are inspired to recognize their strength, leverage their talents and find unexpected opportunities. Her goal is to ask the questions that allow one to shift their perspective and create a life that integrates passion with expertise. She uses her charismatic approach to ask the hard questions and requires accountability and action without the usual pain and suffering!

Shandy holds a B.A. from Lewis & Clark College in psychology, a B.S. and a Master’s in nursing/family nurse practitioner from Regis College, as well as a coaching certification. Her guiding tenant: don’t forget humanity in the midst of technology.

Read more about Shandy and her background.

To inquire about services or schedule an appointment, please call Shandy at (971) 645-8211.

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