The Framework

The practice of medicine is a highly stressful occupation.  Doctors carry a relatively high degree of emotional stress, but seek help to a lesser degree and at a later stage than other professional groups.  This can be deleterious for them, their families and their patients.

The Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland Physician Wellness Program addresses the barriers that typically prevent physicians from getting the help they need.  The purpose of the Program is to create a safe harbor where physicians can seek the help they need and deserve.

The Program provides counseling and coaching services that are tailored to physicians' needs: it is quickly accessible at the convenience of the physician, confidential, free, private and minimally constrained by record keeping.


Physicians are often concerned about confidentiality and privacy.  The Physician Wellness Program is located in a private, comfortable setting at the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland, with its own private entrance and exit.

No information is disclosed to others and no electronic records are kept.

The Physician Wellness Program psychologists and certified physician development coaches are experienced in counseling physicians and other health care professionals.  They are generally available quickly or for urgent same day meetings.

With flexible hours, it is convenient and easy for you to access this restorative service.

Program Features

  • Appointments within 24 hours of request, including before or after office hours
  • Immediate emergency appointments available
  • No diagnosis is made, no insurance is billed and no electronic records are created
  • Private setting - counseling in a dedicated confidential room within the Medical Society offices
  • Free to MSMP Members and accessible to all physicians
  • No information disclosed to others without the physician's written consent


To make an appointment
or leave a confidential message, 
please call our Private Wellness Line at 

(503) 764-5663

Urgent Matters

For urgent needs, please call your County Mental Health Crisis Intervention Hotline:

Clackamas  (503) 655-8585
(503) 988-4888
Washington  (503) 291-9111

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the Physician Wellness Program!

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