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SERV-OR and Retired Physicians

Thank you for your interest in SERV-OR. We have a tremendous response from the medical community seeking volunteer opportunities Our State Managed Volunteer Pool (SMVP) has opportunities for physicians who may not meet the OMB requirements and have been retired fewer than ten years to serve in the SMVP – Previously Licensed Pool. This volunteer registry has some additional requirements and trainings, including a background check. 

When individuals create profiles and apply to SERV-OR, anyone who does not have a valid and active license to practice clinically should self-select the SMVP – Previously Licensed Pool. If any members have valid and active licenses, they should apply to the regular SMVP. 

We are also conscious of risks that our volunteers face. We follow the CDC’s guidance for people who are at a higher risk for severe illnesses, including COVID-19, when assigning folks to volunteer roles. If someone is high-risk, we ask that they decline the mission and wait for a more suitable opportunity. The roles depend on community needs and requests. Volunteer roles have ranged from setting up medical equipment to staffing a temporary field hospital. There will likely be many opportunities for people to serve in low-risk situations, like staffing call centers. Overall, volunteers are not required to accept a mission if they have health concerns or are uncomfortable with the mission plans. 

Additionally, the Oregon Medical Board website provides some guidance on how retired and out of state physicians can be reactivated in an emergency situation. Please check out their website here to see if members fall under their guidelines. They will reactivate physicians and PAs who were in clinical practice within the previous three years but who no longer hold an active medical license. You can find that application here: https://www.oregon.gov/omb/OMBForms1/Emergency%20Reactivation%20Application.pdf 

For additional information, contact Riley Appelgren with Oregon Health Authority at Riley.Appelgren@dhsoha.state.or.us.

AMA COVID-19 Volunteer Guide for Health Care Professionals

This American Medical Association (AMA) guide includes information for physicians and health care professionals who want to support communities severely impacted by COVID-19. It tells how and where to volunteer—and things to consider before registering.

Camp Hope America - Oregon

Clackamas Women’s Services is excited to announce that they are heading into Camp HOPE America – Oregon 2020, a program that helps children impacted by domestic or sexual violence heal from trauma and have the fun, playful experiences that they deserve. They are searching for medical professionals who are interested in serving their community. Medical Team volunteers at Camp HOPE not only help us keep our campers safe but engage with campers as role models and play a crucial role in our Camp HOPE community. 

Check out their Medical Team Volunteer recruitment flyer. If you or someone you know would be a great fit for serving at least two consecutive days, interested individuals can complete a volunteer application and email the completed form to josieg@cwsor.org. 

Questions before you apply or refer volunteers to us? We love connecting to chat more about our program and are always willing to set up time to speak over coffee or on the phone. Contact camphopeoregon@cwsor.org or josieg@cwsor.org for more information.

Open Advanced MRI Northwest is Looking for Medical Providers

Open Advanced MRI Northwest is looking to add to their pool of medical providers who oversee the administration of IV contrast at their Tigard and Vancouver locations. This is a great, low demand position with flexible scheduling - they will work around your schedule! Full-time, part-time and per diem positions available.

For details, please contact Jennifer Traynor at (503) 246-6666 or (516) 439-1124.

Short-Term Medical Volunteers Needed for Haiti

Global Health Teams is looking for physicians, mid-level providers and nurses for one week, primary car medical clinics in rural Haiti every February, June and October. This is a rewarding and fun opportunity to work with the people of Haiti and provider care in a rural clinic in a medically under served area. Global Health Teams is an experienced US based non-profit and has been operating these clinics since 1998. We coordinate all in-country travel and logistics.

Please contact Bob Downey at (619) 905-7157 or bob@globalhealthteam.org if you are interested in applying.

Visit www.globalhealthteam.org to see what we do and learn about the clinics and volunteer experience.

Other ways to support your community and those in need!

MSMP has compiled the following list of volunteer opportunities.
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