MSMP is a professional society that serves the needs of member physicians, with primary concentration on adding value both to members’ professional and non-professional lives.

The Medical Society has moved... but not far!

Beginning October 31, 2017, please send all correspondence to:

1221 SW Yamhill Street, Suite 410
Portland, OR 97205

This includes correspondence for:

▪  Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland (MSMP)
▪  Medical Society Staffing (MSS)
▪  Metropolitan Medical of Foundation Oregon (MMFO)
▪  The Scribe
▪  Medical Society Services, Inc.
▪  Medical Society Staffing Services
▪  Multnomah County Medical Society (MCMS)

Same talented, hopeful team.
Same great service you've come to expect and rely on.
Only the address has changed!

1221 SW Yamhill Street, Suite 410, Portland, OR  97205
Phone: (503) 222-9977  |  Fax: (503) 222-3164

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